Have you seen anything in your Kroger store that made you worry about the health and safety of workers there?

Please share your thoughts with Kroger on how they can improve store safety and why it matters to you by recording a short 30-second video.

Over the last 30-60 days, have you noticed any kind of change in Kroger's commitment to safety at your local store?

  • Are checkout stations, shelves, and other touchpoints being sanitized as often as they once were?   
  • Are masks and social distancing being consistently enforced? 
  • Are deep store cleanings happening at the same level they were when the pandemic started?  
  • Are Kroger stores today maintaining the same level of safety protections that they were at the beginning of the pandemic?

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to put essential grocery workers, customers, and communities at risk, it is critical that Kroger address our health and safety concerns.

Union Kroger workers have raised issues such as not being able deep clean the store daily or after major shopping rushes, not having the resources to sanitize shopping carts or baskets after each use, and not having adequate time for workers to wash their hands or sanitize their workstations, to name a few.  

By sharing our concerns, we can hold companies like Kroger accountable and make our stores safer places to work and shop. 


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