Send a message to Kroger customers: why is addressing the health & safety issues of our grocery stores important for everyone?

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to put all of us at risk, it is critical that companies like Kroger maintain the same level of health and safety as it did from day one.

Maintaining safe stores is not only important for workers but the customers we serve - it keeps our communities healthy and protects everyone from potentially deadly COVID-19 exposure. 

What are the health & safety concerns that you want your customers to be aware of, so that together, we can help make Kroger a safer place to work and shop?

  • Are deep store cleanings happening at the same level they were when the pandemic started?
  • Are checkout stations, shelves, and other touchpoints being sanitized as often as they once were?  
  • Are masks and social distancing being consistently enforced?
  • Is Kroger being lax with health and safety measures in stores?

By informing customers of what the issues are, and why it is important for all of us that Kroger address them immediately, we can help stop the spread and make our grocery stores and communities safer.

Thank you again for all you do for your family and ours. 


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